The air transport industry is responsible for 25% of all companies’ sales. In fact, contributing around US$ 880 billion a year to the world GDP, this includes direct and indirect impacts. It is also one of the industries with the highest investment in research and development. The goal of which is to put measures in place to ensure safety, security and improving efficiency.


The primary focus is operational resilience, crisis and business continuity management in the event of emergencies and operational disruptions. The main objective is to replace all inflexible security measures with responsive security systems. In particular, systems based on data, risk management and efficient technologies.

Wireless technologies and networks are opening up many possibilities and the potential benefits are immense. Every aspect from core technology to the fundamentals of certification and safety are under consideration. For example new generation wireless sensors are able to yield higher-level analytics and along with software, computation and connectivity functionality are making aircraft systems increasingly intelligent.

With 98% of passengers now flying with digital mobile the use of beacon technology along with chat platforms and other variants of an AI assistant, the airport experience will become increasingly convenient and of course, enjoyable, with parking and public transport information being updated live to having a conversation around what sort of retail experience you’re in the mood for.

Within this complex environment NBS Digital Technologies offers a highly skilled dedicated team to synthesise the complexities into a streamlined solution that will be deployed and monitored at scale. We are also expertly adept at managing multiple stakeholders to ensure optimal performance and consistency that will keep the project on track and your team ahead of the curve.


Artificial Intelligence

AI is part of computer sciences and its main objective is to create intelligent machines.


Simply put automation is what makes a system or process function automatically.

Big Data

Through our analytical wing, we can assist your business in using real-time data and analytics to make informed business decisions

Business Intelligence

The process of BI is technology-driven, whereby data is analysed, and actionable information is extracted and presented

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