Every business should have specific organisational goals and objectives. A business process consists of the activity or set of activities that can accomplish these goals. The goals set for your business should be as purposeful and specific as possible and have consistent and measurable outcomes.

Business process management (BPM) is the systematic approach utilized to improve and optimize business processes so that business goals can be achieved.

In order to measure the success of a particular business process, the successful completion of different steps (benchmarks) specified within the process before reaching the endpoint of the process are tracked. When a business process does not effectively contribute to the reaching of an organization goal within a set timeline or with the resources at hand, there are a number of strategies you can use for improvements.

The focus may be on business process visibility in order to identify issues in process performance or execution. Business process mapping provides organizations with a visual representation of how the different processes function and gives organizations better visibility into how the business works. It can also contribute to the operational effectiveness of a business.

Depending on the nature of your business or industry and the nature of the work performed, business processes can be divided into different categories.


These categories include:

  • Operational processes (primary processes) which deal with the core business and value chain. These processes are aimed at delivering value to the customer by helping to produce a product or service.
  • Supporting processes (secondary processes) which is aimed at supporting core processes and functions within an organization. Examples of supporting or management processes include accounting, HR management and workplace safety.
  • Management processes which measure, monitor and control the activities related to business procedures and systems. Examples are internal communications, governance, strategic planning, budgeting, and infrastructure or capacity management.


The business process solutions provided by NBS Digital Technologies will enable your organisation to optimize your business processes and to drive effective and efficient operations.


Business Process Outsourcing

BPO, is a well-known business practice in which one organization hires another company or service provider to perform a task or process.

Business Intelligence

The process of BI is technology-driven, whereby data is analysed, and actionable information is extracted and presented

Business Solutions

With a consistently emerging enterprise, comes service expectations that are customized for your business needs.

IT Managed Services

A managed IT service is an information technology (IT) task provided by a third-party contractor and delivered to a customer.

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