Change Management is the systematic approach to transform a company’s goals, processes or technologies. The purpose of which is to:

  • implement strategies for effective change; and
  • to assist people within the organization to adapt to these changes .




Strategies for change include having a structured procedure for deciding what changes should take place. It is important to have mechanisms in place to respond to and follow up on requests.

In order to conduct an effective change management process, careful consideration must be taken as to how an adjustment or replacement will impact processes, systems and employees within the organization. There must also be a process for:

  • planning and testing change,
  • communicating change,
  • scheduling and implementing change,
  • documenting change; and
  • evaluating its effects.

Documenting the process is a critical component of change management. This is important to maintain an audit trail and to ensure compliance with internal and external controls, including regulatory compliance.

Should your company decide on and start developing a change management program from the ground up, you may face daunting challenges. In addition to a thorough understanding of company culture, the change management process requires an accurate accounting of the systems, applications and employees to be affected by any change. Best practice frameworks can provide guiding principles and help managers align the scope of proposed changes with available digital and non-digital tools.

NBS Digital Technologies has the knowledge and the tools to work with and assist our clients with a change management process which will provide complete transparency and clarity across the board.


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