A mainframe is a high-performance computer (server) used for large-scale computing purposes. It allows for greater data availability and security.


Basically, a mainframe computer is a data processing system used in large organizations to accommodate various applications. It’s main function are:

  • Bulk Data Processing;
  • Process Control;
  • Industry and Consumer Statistics;
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); and
  • Financial Transaction Processing.

The operating systems on which mainframes run is either Unix or Linux.


An application server (also referred to as appserver) is a software framework that provides both facilities to create web applications and a server environment to run them. Subsequently, an appserver is a server based program installed on a distributed network that applies and enforces business logic. Furthermore, it is part of a greater three-tier application that consists of:

  • A graphical user interface (GUI) server.
  • An application (business logic) server.
  • A database and transaction server.

Similarly, the application can be divided into:

  • Foremost is the first-tier which is made up of the front-end, web browser-based graphical user interface. Usually accessed from a personal computer or workstation.
  • The next tier or the middle-tier consists of business logic applications, which is installed on a local area network or intranet server.
  • Third-tier, the back-end, database and transaction server, is only sometimes installed on a mainframe server.

Additionally, the application server acts as mediator between front-end and back-end databases and legacy systems.

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