Microsoft is a leading global vendor of computer software; computer hardware, mobile and gaming systems; and cloud services.

The company is already well known for its Windows Operating System (OS) and for the prominent role it plays in data centres with its enterprise-class server operating systems. This provides organizations with powerful administrative control over large corporate networks and services.


Expanding on the success of its operating systems, Microsoft moved into the development of productivity software. Notably, Microsoft Office, Outlook and Excel.

The company capitalized on the growing popularity of the World Wide Web when it released its web browser, Internet Explorer (IE). Microsoft down played IE in Windows 10 in favour of the Edge browser. While it is no longer the default browser in Windows, IE remains a part of the operating system.


Regarding Management Applications, Microsoft develops and sells enterprise-class systems management software tools. This includes System Centre, which helps IT administrators deploy, configure, maintain and manage corporate data centre installations. System Centre components and services include:

  • Advisor;
  • App Controller;
  • Configuration Manager (SCCM);
  • Data Protection Manager;
  • Endpoint Protection;
  • Essentials;
  • Orchestrator;
  • Operations Manager (SCOM);
  • Service Manager; and
  • Virtual Machine Manager



The software giant has ventured into the hardware market. In 2001, it released the gaming console system to compete with established gaming companies. In 2013, Microsoft released its flagship gaming console, Xbox One, which features the ability to recognize voice commands and use Skype via the Kinect camera.


Microsoft also entered the public cloud market when it introduced the Windows Azure platform in 2008. The company renamed the offering Microsoft Azure in 2014. As Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform, Azure provides a range of cloud services, including those for:

  • compute,
  • analytics,
  • storage,
  • networking,
  • management,
  • machine learning and big data capabilities.

Users can pick from these services to develop and scale new applications, or run existing applications, in the public cloud.


Microsoft further expanded its line of business with a range of online services to provide software as a service (SaaS) offerings to end users and enterprise customers. Offerings include Office 365 and the Outlook webmail service.

In 2011, Microsoft acquired internet Voice over IP and video conferencing provider Skype for $8.5bn.

NBS Digital Technologies is a proud partner of Microsoft. Enabling us to provide our customers with tailored solutions using cutting edge tools.


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