A Project management system uses established principles, procedures and policies to successfully guide a project from conception through to completion.




Project Management requires the application of principles and procedures using the latest tools and technologies to ensure a project be fully completed. Encompassing all aspects from spending limits to end-goal objectives. Therefore a Project Management Plan is essential to effectively and efficiently coordinate all aspects of a project from start to finish. Thus, delivering specifications on time and within budget.

Firstly, a project charter is established within the project plan to identify potential challenges in advance. Risk management is needed to anticipate and handle any obstacles that arise to ensure the project remains on schedule.

Overseeing teams from multiple areas within an organization as well as overseeing teams and workers from multiple organizations are standard when it comes to project management. Certainly, the seamless collaboration of all parties involved during the projects length is the ideal goal.

Consequently, project managers need to be able to communicate effectively across many disciplines. Emphatically driving synchronous action among its workforce to deliver a successful project.




There are various methodologies that project managers can employ to deliver a successful project. These include:

  • Agile which is a methodology used for its speed and flexibility, and which features short delivery cycles.
  • Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) which is an approach that focuses on the use of resources, rather than on timelines.
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) which is a step-by-step PM technique.
  • Waterfall which is a management style that is sequential in nature.





There are many other methodologies which are used for certain types of projects. For example, Rapid Application Development (RAD) is most often used in software development to encourage the quick development of applications, while still maintaining high quality. There are also methodologies that bring to the forefront specific values. For example, the PRiSM methodology focuses on sustainability and integrates that idea into project phases to reduce negative environmental and social effects. Other approaches include joint application development (JAD), the fountain model, the spiral model, build and fix, and synchronize-and-stabilize.

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